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We have been managing sales for developers for 12 years. Some time ago one of them asked us about an audit of his sales office, because he wanted to check whether the sales rate could be improved. We talked with the board and the sales director. Later there were interviews with employees.


  • Interview with the Investor’s representative
  • Analysis of the assumed marketing strategy
  • Review of marketing activities and visibility of the offer on the web
  • Evaluation of the website as well as advertising in portals and social media
  • Verification of the sales schedule
  • Price analysis compared to other simillar investments
  • Overview of competition
  • Simulated shopping processes in a sales office, carried out by mysterious customers

We appreciate and highlight good areas

  • At this point, we emphasize the strengths in comparison with the competition
  • In recommendations, we also say what is distinctive in the sales process
  • In the description of good areas, we also talk about the advantages in marketing activities

We search for areas to improve

  • Here we focus on finding mistakes
  • We assess the critical eye of customer adviser skills, especially by checking how they deal with closing subsequent stages of negotiations
  • We find gaps in marketing communication
  • If the analysis shows so, we recommend changes in marketing activities

What does the report after the audit contain?

During the audit, comprehensive activities are undertaken to:

  • assessment of the sales process,
  • assessment of the quality of customer service,
  • analysis of marketing activities carried out for development investments.

Each Report is created as a result of audit activities and contains conclusions integrated into the context of the market environment, as well as recommendations suggesting alternative solutions.

Choose the range you need

Offer: Mysterious client

For investments up to 150 apartments -2 people, over 3 mysterious clients

Test time – min. 4 weeks

Scope – full purchase process: from the first contact through independent search for a contact to the sales office to the final negotiations

Every mysterious customer is equipped with defined questions and everyone has a different simulated problem blocking the purchase. Example Magda * is willing to buy a flat in THIS investment, but her fiance is not convinced because of cheaper offers from the competition. Magda needs arguments to convince the other person.
* The ordering party is not informed who the mysterious customer is.

Offer: Analysis of marketing assumptions

Sales results can be improved due to relatively small changes in marketing communication

Test time -3 weeks

Scope-analysis includes verification of strategy assumptions, proper matching of communication channels to the target group, checking communication in relation to the local market and competition as well as recommendations for further actions.

We know that it is becoming increasingly difficult to implement investments – the changing market on the one hand and the increasingly demanding client on the other enforce verification of the approach to real estate marketing.
Our analysis helps answer the question of whether the campaign is effective and how you can improve your marketing efforts to improve your sales results.

Offer: Competition map and prices

Price analysis for competitive investments.

Test time – min. 4 weeks


  • list of competitive investments
  • number of premises sold and available
  • sales rate-PRICES
  • surfaces
  • the structure of apartments
  • deadlines
  • finishing standards

You can choose only one of the three stages of analysis or all together.

What after the audit?

We can help implement changes

If needed:

  • we will help you implement changes,
  • we will train customer advisers
  • we will correct or prepare a new marketing strategy
  • we will support executive sales and / or marketing